Very few times in life does an idea ever feel so right.  When a client’s need can be fulfilled by competent and professional people quickly, you have the start to a great business model.

In the fire sprinkler industry, there is a lack of qualified designers employed by fire sprinkler contractors. They are either over worked leading to long delays before the project begins or too expensive to even hire in the first place.  There is, however, no lack of new construction requiring fire sprinkler systems, even in a pandemic.  This is where Elite Fire Design comes in.  Customer Service is paramount to the work we perform.  With no threat to the sprinkler installing contractor, we can provide quality designs by certified designers at a competitive price that will lead to field friendly installations.

But it all starts with the people.  In Jim Collin’s book, “From Good to Great”, one take away from the lessons learned is to surround yourself with great people.  That is the genesis of Elite Fire Design.  We have high character designers that want to do the right thing for our clients.  We know what it takes to install a fire sprinkler system properly and what causes issues for the installers on the ground.  Our designs start with in depth conversations to fully understand the nuances of the project so when the design is completed and handed to the project managers and AHJ’s, they know that the fire sprinkler system installation has a great base to start from.

Fire sprinkler contractors either don’t have the time, employees or capacity to create the sprinkler design their installation teams need to do the job right.  That is when Elite Fire Design steps up to be the partner they need to keep their project on schedule and on budget.  It is rather simple, really.  Provide great customer service at a value the client appreciates – truly a great business model indeed.