Fire Alarm

We’re more than water-based systems. We create fire alarm designs in Omaha for all areas of fire and safety.

Fire Alarm Design involves unique cooperation between fire suppression and electrical contractors. A critical piece to a complete and comprehensive fire protection system, fire alarms are uniquely designed for each building. Our trained fire alarm designers in Omaha ensure that all systems conform to the latest editions of NFPA 72, 101, and IBC.

Fire alarm systems can be incredibly complex and need to be effortlessly integrated into the electrical systems. Most feature an intricate system of wiring, equipment, and other components that must activate at the right time to warn of fire and ensure everyone can get out of the building quickly and safely. People and business owners deeply trust their system to protect them. That means that often, fire alarm designers are called to guarantee that their designs not only work properly in all instances and meet all the relevant codes, but also satisfy building owner’s objectives, like fewer false alarms or scalability.

Fire Alarm technology is rapidly changing and innovating. Alarm manufacturers are designing systems that detect smoke, heat, and carbon dioxide in single units. Some systems not only detect fire, but can predict a potential fire up to 30 days before it occurs by measuring toxic gases, combustible gases, and oxygen deficiency. These modern, high-tech alarm systems need fire alarm designers such as our own in Omaha, ready to keep up with the latest technology.

When you choose a fire alarm designer, you need to get the best. At Elite Fire Design, our Omaha fire alarm design team has years of experience ready to put toward your project. They also routinely train in new and upcoming technologies so they can be ready to tackle whatever system you need designed.

No matter the fire protection design project, Elite Fire has the experience, knowledge, and dedication to tackle it. When you get a fire alarm designed by our Omaha team, you get our commitment to quality – and all our expertise focused on you and your project.




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