BIM Coordination

3D Coordination is essential to the modern construction world. Ensure your pipe doesn’t get moved unnecessarily with a proven BIM coordinator.


What is BIM Coordination?

Simply put, BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a clash detection method that saves everyone on the project time and money. This process coordinates between the architectural, structural, and MEP trades, detecting any areas where installations would conflict. BIM modeling and coordination is done before any install, giving you an exact design and reduced waste. When done well, 3D modeling and BIM Coordination Services, such as our own in Omaha, can streamline the design and install processes and save time and money for you as the subcontractor and ultimately for the project owner.

BIM Coordination and Fire Suppression

As fire sprinkler contractors, we know that fire suppression is at the bottom of the pecking order – the last trade in, and the first trade to have to move in a clash. However, that doesn’t always need to be the case. In fact, in many conflict situations, moving sprinkler pipe is the more expensive and time-consuming option. With the right BIM Coordination services in Omaha, you can avoid unnecessary changes forced on your field crews.

At Elite Fire, our experienced Omaha BIM Coordination team approaches each project by actively advocating for fire suppression. The key is knowing the model inside and out combined with experience and knowledge of other trades. They can quickly identify areas where other trades can move more quickly or cost-effectively and work with the team to ensure that the best options are taken. Once the actual construction process begins, they routinely work onsite to pinpoint any deviations from the model – and guarantee that the incorrect placement from other trades is what changes – not your pipe.

BIM Coordination Services

At Elite Fire, we offer a full BIM Coordination services package for your Omaha project. We will handle the design and 3D coordination process for you from start to finish. With the right coordination, you could potentially save thousands in material and labor. Our guiding principle is that once the BIM Model is finalized, you shouldn’t have to move even a single piece of properly placed pipe.

Have confidence in bidding BIM coordinated jobs, knowing that you’ll have an experienced coordinator on your side throughout the design, modeling, clash detection, and building phases. We will ensure that the process moves smoothly for your and your field crews – moving BIM Coordination from big headache to big advantage.




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