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When you don’t know where to get answers about your fire suppression system, look no further.

We Help Building Owners Too

We’ve heard it before: you just learned something serious about your fire sprinkler system, and you have no idea where to start to fix the problem. Sound familiar? Most companies design and install new or upgraded systems. Where can you find answers about your current system?

Elite Fire Design now offers design consulting to buildings in Omaha and business owners who need answers about their fire suppression system. We will thoroughly discuss your concerns, and come up with a comprehensive plan for you to implement.

Recently purchased a building or changed insurance carriers? Most commercial insurance companies have a properly functioning fire sprinkler system as a requirement for coverage. If you weren’t involved in the construction process, or haven’t had work done on your fire sprinkler system in a number of years, you may be completely in the dark as to the specifics of your building’s system. Our trained design consultants located in Omaha will thoroughly review your insurance specifications, as well as the relevant local codes, then survey your current system to see if it will pass the inspection.

Need a complete set of fire sprinkler drawings? Often new insurance carriers will ask for a complete set of fire sprinkler drawings. If you purchased a building, you may not have access to that information. You might also have a series of buildings/additions that were never put into one complete drawing. Elite Fire of Omaha offers design consulting and can survey your entire fire sprinkler system and create a complete fire sprinkler drawing for you to submit to your insurance company.

Looking for rough estimates of cost and feasibility?

We also do design survey and hazard analysis and estimates in Omaha for additions, upgrades, and occupancy use changes.

If you have nowhere else to turn, and need detailed answers about your current or proposed fire sprinkler system, Elite Fire is here to give you that peace of mind, knowing that trained professionals will focus their experience and knowledge on your problem, and ensuring you get the answers you need, fast.




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